Welcome to The Palmer Township Softball page. Palmer Township softball participates in the Eastern Lehigh Valley Softball League. There are over 15 organizations participating in the league within the Lehigh Valley and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We have teams ranging from age 5 through age 19. The season length varies depending upon age groups. Younger ages typically run from Mid-April through June. Older age groups(13 and older) can run from Mid-April through July. If you have questions about Palmer Softball, please email

Age groups for spring 2019. All age groups will be determined by the current school grade of the child registering for softball. The break down is as follows:

T-Ball = Pre-K/Kindergarten

Coach Pitch = 1st/2nd Grades

3rd/4th Grades

5th/6th Grades

7th/8th/9th Grades

Seniors = 10th Grade – 21 years old*

*Cannot turn 20 before July 1st of current season