Palmer Township Youth Baseball Program – Registration is open. Late fees begin February 15th so sign up early!
Information on new bat requirements for 2018

Here is the simplest breakdown of what to look for if you are purchasing a bat for the 2018 season:

T-Ball (Kindergarten), Rookie (1st grade), Farm (2nd grade)
All t-ball bats and 2 1⁄4” bats of any drop size can be used. No USA Bat stamp is required for the tball, rookie, or farm level. All bats that were used in the past are still ok and legal to use.

Minors Divisions (3rd & 4th grade), Majors (5th & 6th grade)
All bats are required to have the USA Bat stamp to be legal for use in game play for the 2018 Spring G.E.A.B.L. season.

  • A bat barrel size of 2 1/4″ for these divisions has no drop limits. (-3, -4, ……,-12, -13 are all allowed and legal)
  • A -10 maximum drop limit allowed for 2 5/8″ bats (3, -4,……., up to -10 are the only bat drops allowed and legal)

Bushkill Valley (7th & 8th & high school) – Junior and senior division
Only -3 BBCOR allowed (No USA bat stamps allowed) or you can use wood bats with any drop

Congratulations Palmer Angels! 2017 GEABL Minors Champions. Undefeated 20-0 season

Palmer Baseball Program Info

Registration for the spring season is open! Sign up early to reserve a roster spot. Late fees begin 2/15.

The spring season length varies depending upon age groups. We have teams ranging from ages 6 through 19.  The younger age groups typically run from Mid-April through June. Older age groups (13 and older) can run from Mid-April through July. Palmer Township baseball participates in the Greater Easton Area Baseball League for grades 3-6. Organizations participate in the league from the surrounding area (Palmer Township, Forks Township, St. Jane’s, City of Easton, Wilson Borough and Williams Township). Our younger teams, Grades K-2 also play games against these same surrounding organizations. Players ages 13 & up will go through evaluations and will be placed on an appropriate team for their skill level (Bushkill Valley or Legion)

We also offer a Fall baseball program for ages 8-18 that goes from late August until early October. Fall baseball divisions are based on players grade level as of the fall in the current year. Grades 3/4 play on 60′ fields, grades 5/6 play on 70′ fields and older divisions play on full 90′ fields. 

Greater Easton Area Baseball League

Bushkill Valley Baseball League

If you have questions about Palmer Baseball, please email one of our Commissioners:

Divisions for the 2018 spring baseball season: 

Grades K-6
*All players must play with their current grade level

T-Ball = Kindergarten (Pre-K will be able to sign up if space is available. Late fee will be waived for pre-k. Check back here for updates.)

Rookie = 1st Grade

Farm = 2nd Grade

Minors = 3rd & 4th Grades (60′ bases)

Majors = 5th & 6th Grades (70′ bases)

Grades 7-12 (90′ bases)

Bushkill Valley Junior Division = 13-14 years old

Bushkill Valley Senior Division = 15-16 years old

Junior/Senior Legion (tryout) = 13-19 years old